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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the roads safe in Syria? Are taxis safe?
The roads in Syria are hazardous, particularly at night outside the major cities. Cars and trucks frequently travel at a high rate of speed and without headlights at night. There are few, if any, areas for a vehicle with mechanical problems to pull off the paved surface, and no system for warning other motorists. Animals can regularly be found on the roads at night. Fatal accidents have occurred. Taxis are generally old, small, and in need of repair. They may not afford as much protection as the larger and newer models used in the United States. Outside of possible arguments over fares, reports of assaults by taxi drivers are uncommon.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Syria?
The U.S. government has not warned citizens against travel to Syria. You will have to make that decision on your own in light of your personal circumstances and the current Consular Information Sheet (CIS) for Syria that you will find on the State Department’s website. In terms of crime, Syria is considered a safe country. Both violent and street crimes are rare. However, instances of petty theft and ATM/Credit Card fraud are on the rise.

Are Americans subject to harassment or targeted for physical or verbal attacks?
With the exception of two destructive attacks against U.S. Embassy facilities in 1998 and 2000, there has not been any known targeting of Americans or American interests in Syria. The vast majority of Syrians are very warm and hospitable towards individual Americans, who are generally welcomed and treated with respect by everyday people. However, during periods of increased tension in the region incidents of harassment may occur. Women may also be subject to mostly verbal forms of harassment. Syria is governed by an authoritarian regime dominated by the Ba'ath Party, and therefore, is a police state that is very tightly controlled and monitored. Security personnel may at times place foreign visitors, including Americans, under surveillance. Hotel rooms, telephones, and fax machines may be monitored, and personal possessions in hotel rooms may be searched. Taking photographs of anything that could be perceived as being of military or security interest may result in problems with authorities.

What do I do if I have a problem on weekends or after normal working hours?
In an emergency, call the Embassy at 011-3391-4444 and ask to speak to the Embassy duty officer.

Are there certain behaviors that Syrians find offensive in Westerners?
Although it is difficult to list all behavior that could be offensive to all people, the following may be considered particularly offensive to Syrians: immodestly dressed men and women, wearing shoes inside mosques, women entering mosques without covering their hair, and expressing disrespect for Islam.

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